Grading The Wildcats Class of 08 Skill Part 1

We continue our look at the Wildcats Class of 2008 breaking down the good and bad and letting you know how the Wildcats did. Let's take a closer look at how head coach Rich Brooks and his staff did when signing skill players for the Class of 2008 on both sides of the ball. These are wide receivers, quarterbacks, running backs and defensive backs.

Players Signed By UK

WR: Eric Adeyemi: One thing you can't teach is legit sub 4.4 speed by an athlete and Adeyemi brings that to the table. Yes he's light in the pants but how many players have you seen in the college game like Adeyemi that just make play after play. If he doesn't make it on the offensive side of the ball he could become a top corner with his speed. No matter what happens this is a great pickup for the Wildcats and should be considered a top rated prospect. Grade: A

WR: Aaron Boyd: This is an A+ signing just because the Wildcats keep a highly sought after prospect from Lexington at home. Add in the fact he's the top prospect in the state of Kentucky and it's an added bonus. Great size and athletic ability Boyd will be looked at early to take the field. Has the complete package and a chance to be a major player at Kentucky. Grade: A++

QB/Athlete: Randall Cobb: Will he remain a quarterback or even on the offensive side of the ball? That is a question more based on what the staff is looking at doing with a player of Cobb's abilities. Do the Wildcats go more with a West Virginia spread using a running quarterback? I don't think so but don't be surprised that if he stays on the offensive side of the ball you could see him lineup there from time-to-time in special plays. Cobb is a very talented athlete and will find his way onto the field at some position. Grade: A

WR/S: E.J. Fields: If you don't like Fields then you must not be a Wildcat fan. This is a kid I've seen run in person and came away impressed. Great frame to work with and athletic ability that has yet to reach its full potential despite all he's accomplished at the prep level. Big wide receivers can cause match-up problems but so do big-hitting safeties and Fields can do either or. Grade: A+

DB: Winston Guy: I've seen Winston in camp and also on the field of play and came away impressed with his natural athletic abilities both times. Guy can be explosive on either side of the ball as well as on special teams. He's got skills that could make him a top cover corner while also being one of the team's top tacklers. Grade: A+


I received a few notes about my previous ranking of the defensive line and wanted to explain a few things I look for when handing out grades. These grades are not a ranking but a look at how each prospect fits within the Wildcats football program. They are based on ability as well as how a prospect will help the program overall. Like most college classes in time we'll see a few names possible drop off or disappear and that is natural. Things happen once a player gets to the college level as home sickness; girls and missing mom's home cooking can all play a role in a player's success.

When looking at skill players don't just look at stats one has posted at the prep level. Look at the athletic ability and project what will happen when they reach college and hit a fulltime weight program designed to take their bodies to a level they've never seen.

Keep in mind we don't always know how a player's life is like. Does he get the right food or even look at eating the right food now as compared to when he reaches campus? Has he ever been trained in the manner he'll receive at the college level? The answer to these most of the time is no. Also keep in mind if a player gets a grade of "A" it doesn't mean he'll be a starter. I look at if a player will make an impact in the program from the scout team to special teams and sometimes starter. A player who pushes another player to reach a level above anyone else is just as important to the program as the player that comes in and plays from the first day.

Be on the lookout for Part Two of our grades for the offensive and defensive skill players.

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