Liggins leads Findlay Prep in scoring

While Kentucky continues to go after quite a few excellent basketball prospects, in this class and the next few, the Wildcats have already wrapped up several top-notch players. One such player is Findlay Prep (NV) wing DeAndre Liggins. Kentucky Sports Report checked in at Findlay Prep for the latest on Liggins…

DeAndre Liggins, a 6-foot-6, 180-pound senior, is enjoying a fantastic senior year in which he's averaging almost 14 points along with 7.5 rebounds and six assists. Those numbers, keep in mind, are misleading because he plays on a loaded team that features seven players who average double-figure scoring. With two regular-season games and the prep championships in New York remaining, he's Findlay's top scorer. recruiting director Dave Telep has called Liggins a ‘point-forward' comparing his playing style to Scottie Pippen – an analysis Findlay coach Michael Peck agreed with.

"That's a good description," said Peck, who received Liggins as a transfer fro Chicago prior to this season. "DeAndre can do a lot of things. He has the ability to get the ball out on the break, which is something [we'll miss next year]. When your rebounder has to get the ball to a guard to start the break, it slows you down. But he can get the ball and go on what we call a ‘dribble bust-out."

The knock on Liggins before this season was that he wasn't a reliable jumpshooter, but that's no longer the case according to Peck. Liggins takes 300 or more jumpers frequently these days.

"One thing he's done a great at, is improving his ability to shoot the ball," he said. "If he gets an open look, you definitely take that shot. He's really worked on it and it's shown in how he plays."

Peck said UK is getting a hard-nosed player who won't stand for losing.

"He's highly, extremely competitive. He has a very strong interest in competing and winning. He doesn't like to lose. He doesn't lose a lot in practice or drills," Peck said.

Peck added that Kentucky has been in contact with the staff there on a daily basis, "checking in and making sure he's doing everything he needs to do."

He also said there was never any chance another school would be able to poach Liggins from Kentucky.

"He came to us committed. We're not into funny business. We let them know from the get-go, this is where he's going," he said.

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