Walker reflects on Wildcat Seniors

Sunday will be Senior Day for Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley and I think UK fans should remember both players fondly.

Bradley typifies the New York point guard. He has a lot of attitude, confidence and personality. He is a like a street fighter. He is fighting and clawing for everything he gets. Probably pound for pound, maybe the toughest competitor I have seen at Kentucky since Dirk Minniefield. I think that is high praise for any player and the way he competes. He doesn't back down from anyone and that's what I think we are going to remember about him.

Was he a guy who took some chances here and there? Absolutely. Did he put up a few bad shots? There is no question. Did he make a few mistakes along the way? Yes he did.

But you know what? He never got down on himself and he always came back. I think that is what I am going to remember about him more than anything.

I look at Joe's career a little differently. I think he is a guy that we actually saw grow up. He came a long way from that guy that wanted to leave after 10 games. There were a lot of people after he left and came back who were saying they didn't know about him and thought maybe he was soft and would need to be babied. But the way he fought back to earn the respect of his teammates and fans to show the leadership that he is showing right now says a lot. I think he is reaching his potential as well.

It took a little longer for both guys to do it than one might have expected. It took four years to get them to playing their best, but we see what kind of players they are now.

You are who you are. Obviously, they would both like more titles to show for their careers, but both of those guys have put in enough hard work to be remembered fondly. I think it is disappointing for them that they didn't win championships.

But to see these guys grow has been special. We are in a time where a lot of guys come and go and we don't get to see them mature and grow up. I think most UK fans would say we saw those guys go from maybe spoiled brats to guys who actually fought and showed a lot of courage and leadership.

I wouldn't put them in the same class as The Unforgettables, but I think you should appreciate them for what they did for the program. I think the fans will give them their proper respect when it is all said and done even though they didn't win a championship.

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