Does D.J. Hunter Have Interest In UK?

Having followed D.J. Hunter for the past two years allows me to know more about him as a player. But does Hunter have interest in the Wildcats? We get the latest on his recruiting.

I always try to speak with a prospect about their interest in a school. But sometimes you get more information and some background you otherwise wouldn't get when you talk with a parent. On Tuesday night I spoke with the father of D.J. Hunter to find out if he has any interest in looking at the University of Kentucky.

"D.J. really likes Kentucky and remembers going there to run in the nationals. He still remembers the blue track and the success he had there so there are some very good memories at Kentucky. He loves the blue track."

But while D.J. may have interest in the Wildcats he's also found about twenty-four more schools that have shown interest with scholarship offers.

"We're just taking one day at a time," continued D.J.'s father. "There have been so many schools to have offer and now he's working hard to get ready for our first track meet of the year so things have been really busy."

While D.J. holds a high number of offers he also understands he can only pick one school.

"I've told D.J. that I'm very proud of the position he's placed himself in. But there is still work that needs to be done and he understands that. We have a family member who played at Miami Ohio and they've been on him hard. He also has a cousin (Skylar Jones) who is at Wake Forest and they have expressed interest in him as well. So he's getting pulled in several different directions right now."

While Hunter gets ready for track he's sure to see many college coaches use May to take a view of him running. How many more will come calling is yet to be determined but Hunter knows all that really matters is the final one he picks.

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