Is there a positive to Patterson's injury?

Could the positive from Patrick Patterson's injury be that it gives guys like Jared Carter, Perry Stevenson and A.J. Stewart, or maybe someone else, a chance to work and improve even more the next few weeks?

They are auditioning for jobs. We all know that there is a great need for somebody to play consistently well opposite Patterson. Perry has shown flashes he can be that guy, but you should have a lot of depth at Kentucky. These guys are playing for jobs next year.

If they prove that they can get out and play and be productive, maybe the coaches are not that desperate to find more help. If they are not productive, then you have to hope that Billy Gillispie can find help whether it is the junior college route or anything else. He has to find somebody to get out there and play.

This could turn out to benefit UK because if there is somebody who can play and do more, we are all going to see it like we did with Stevenson at Tennessee when he got 14 rebounds. If not, you are going to be exposed and that could be a good recruiting tool to tell a young man that he could be the guy to come in and help immediately.

There will be no excuses for Carter and Stewart now. We have heard how athletic Stewart is and that he can do a lot of things even though he maybe doesn't know all the plays. Carter might slow the team down when he is in the game, but he's a 7-footer. He could have a big presence. But how much of a presence will he be? That's the million dollar question.

You have to understand that no matter who they put out there, he's not going to get 17 points and eight or nine rebounds. It has to be realistic expectations and guys just have to do more than they have.

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