DEMAREE: Pro Day exhibits dazzle

It is a bit crass but when it comes to money time, the vultures are hovering over the meat market to see who can get the prime cut of meat. These prospects have more intelligence than the sheep species which has no direction. But the sooner they realize they are now a piece of property to be used until they are used up and then the real life of hard knocks begin, the better off they will be.

At the Nutter Fieldhouse on the UK campus, the annual Pro Day was held for the benefit of the seniors to show off their wares to the Pro scouts. To that end, there was some sizzle and some dazzle on display. The nice thing about this pro day is it exhibited far more dazzle than Rich Brooks' first pro day.

Derrick Locke ran a 4.21 and Alfonso Smith a 4.24 in the forty-yard dash. "We continue to have more guys that can run faster," Brooks said. "My judge five years ago was trying to get guys that could run under 4.5 and maybe I need to drop that to 4.4 because a lot of guys were under 4.4 today and few under 4.3 as well. Locke, personally, ran the fastest time I've ever been around."

Several guys looked leaner than in the past, players such as Jeremy Jarmon, who is 280-pounds with a washboard stomach and Micah Johnson at 248-pounds also with a washboard stomach. They ran 4.8 and 4.68 respectively.

There were twenty-five NFL team scouts represented at the event, six of those were quarterback coaches to took a look at Andre Woodson. The Louisville Fire was the one Arena League football team present. Given the fact there are several college teams around the country having a their pro day's at this time, teams that were absent who said they would be present were the Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, and the Washington Redskins.

Of course, good cop - bad cop, was represented, meaning compliance representative Heather McAtee. She jokingly was humored by the reference and stated her purpose and that was to keep the sports agents at bay far away from the underclassmen.

The seniors who had agent representatives present were Andre Woodson represented by Joel Segal - Jacob Tamme and Rafael Little by Bill Johnson, Keenan Burton and Wesley Woodyard by Todd France, Travis Day by Keith Conrad, and Dominic Lewis represented by Jonathan Rabinowitz.

Since Andre Woodson didn't work out at the Indianapolis combine because of a slight hamstring pull, he was the obvious star of the combine. Every eye was directly keenly toward Woodson. According to Paul Hackett, formerly head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers and the USC Trojans and Pro assistant with Tampa Bay last year, said Woodson put on a dazzling show. "He's like every young guy coming in," said Hackett. "He's got to learn the new offense he's going to be present with. He's got to study it, the speed of the game picks up when you get into the National Football League. He has all the tools and what a wonderful tempament, that's what I like about him. I just love the way he handles his guys out there and the way he love it. You've got to love it. He has quick feet and a strong arm and throws the deep ball beautifully, he drives through the ball as well. He's where he is because of the coaching he's gotten here."

How does Woodson overcome the sub-par Senior Bowl he had? "The Senior Bowl is part of the process but you have to look at the sum total of his career," Hackett explained.

Brooks said to see the timing of some of the underclassmen and the workout of the seniors in front of the scouts was a good moment for Kentucky football. After Andre Woodson being prodded and picked apart over the last month, what did he think of his workout. "You know, that's part of the process, whether it's an analyst on a TV show, a draft expert, a scout or a coach, everybody's going to have a little bit different opinion.

It's almost like running for president anymore, nobody's perfect and they are going to find any flaw or a perceived flaw and tear you apart when you're at the level of Andre Woodson projected at the first of the year as a first round guy. Maybe he slipped out and maybe he works his way back in. There's no question he's going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and who ever doesn't get him is going to miss out."

So the meat buyers move on to the next auction and peruse the stock on hand. That's just part of the process and keeps meat on the table.

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