WALKER: Don't worry about Patterson

If it was anybody else other than Patrick Patterson who went down with a season-ending injury, I might be concerned about his future. But this young man has handled himself with so much class and dignity during his freshman year, that he will be fine. He is just a kid, but he is a very mature guy.

He has a great support group. I have gotten to know his parents pretty well and they are great people with a great work ethic. I don't think this will affect him mentally at all. The main thing now is just to get totally healthy and get ready for next year.

If it was anybody else, I would be worried, especially for a freshman, and wonder if it would make him a little more fragile mentally. But this kid has shown he is a solid basketball player, but an even better person. I don't think he is going to let this injury derail his career at all.

Just sitting and watching is not easy for him. Knowing you can't be out there doing things to help your team win is the hardest part. The injuries you go and stay off it for six to eight weeks and hope heal and then start rehab. That is when he will get his energy and enthusiasm back. Until then, just sitting and waiting is hard. Even in practice when you can't go out there and do what you have done all your life is hard. Your first major injury has to take a little toll on you mentally, but outside of that I think he will be fine.

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