Ramon Harris can continue improving

KSR analyst, and former UK All American, Kenny "Sky" Walker discusses the improvement made by Ramon Harris this season, and how injuries impacted the improvement of Harris and other Wildcats.

Ramon Harris has improved so much this year and confidence is the key with him like it is with any player.

When Kentucky's whole team is out there and guys like Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks are not hurt, then Ramon Harris is not a guy you depend on to do a whole lot. But Kentucky needed a guy to give them something. He scored more late in the season and gave UK a big lift with his increased production.

Haris found out he can do some things if given the opportunity. I think the injuries the Cats suffered have given him a chance.

Those guys gained so much experience, and along with that confidence, because they had to do more than in the past. When you are scoring and being more productive, you are going to have confidence to play better every game and that is what we are really seeing from Ramon Harris right now.

Ramon can keep improving, too. I don't think he will ever be a guy that you can expect to just take his guy off the dribble and create shots from him and teammates. That is not his game. But he can get shots within the offense. He can play solid, tough defense. He can get out on the break and get some easy transition points. I think he found ways to score without having plays for him. When you do things like that and make things happen with our athletic ability, you become an asset.

Harris has improved dramatically, but he isn't the only player who made strides for Billy Gillispie this past season. He is is a guy that can play multiple positions. He is not a guy that has to score, but Ramon and Perry Stevenson found ways to score in the offense because they are moving and looking. Ramon is learning more and more how to play with teammates. I don't see a big jump in his production for next year, but I do think he will get even better. He's proven that to me this year.

The same thing applies to Perry Stevenson who had to step up his game with the absence of Patrick Patterson in the post. Derrick Jasper was forced to look to score, too.

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