Will Morgan Newton Look At Wildcats?

Will Morgan Newton even give the Wildcats a look? We have the latest on the signal caller high on the Wildcats board.

Morgan Newton has several offers in his hand and hasn’t really taken much time to look at what his future may be.


“I’ve been busy with basketball but the season is over and I’ll look to make some visits this spring and summer.”


Will the Wildcats be a team that receives a visit? 


Kentucky has shown they can develop a quarterback that is getting interest from NFL teams.  I hope to have the chance to visit Kentucky at some point but not sure right now when that will be.”


While Newton has seen those who question his height and ability he soon silenced the critics Sunday with his performance at the Badger/New Level Passing Camp on Sunday. 


With legit height and athletic ability Newton will continue to see his stock rise in the coming weeks.  Using great leadership skills he was able to play a key role in Team Indiana’s success on the field Sunday.


We’ll be checking back with Morgan in the coming weeks about his recruiting.


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