Teams evaluating Shawn Kemp, Jr.

The name Shawn Kemp brings back many memories for long time Kentucky fans and NBA fans alike. In this instance, however, the Kemp we are speaking of is the son of one of the NBA's most exciting former players.

Shawn Kemp Jr., a four star forward from Atlanta, Georgia, is among the top targets in his home state of Georgia. This season, he helped Cherokee High School (Ga) to a 20 win and eight loss season. "He's very athletic, a very explosive jumper," said Roger Kvam, Kemp's high school coach.

Explosive may be an understatement. Kemp had 58 dunks this season and blocked 78 shots. He also shot 68% from the field. "He finishes well around the basket," said Kvam. "He has soft hands and a nice lefty jump hook and a soft turnaround shot. He's got lots of potential. He runs the floor well and jumps well."

The 6-foot-9 Kemp does have a few things to improve on, however. "He needs to stretch his game out, facing the basket from 15 to 20 feet," Kvam said. "He's going to be facing the basket more in college, playing the four," continued Kvam.

Kemp averaged 12 points and eight rebounds a game this season. The numbers don't catch your eye, but that's not the whole story. "He just became eligible the second semester of last year. This was his first full year playing," said Kvam.

Kemp is still in the early part of the recruitment process. But he has interest from quite a number of programs. "He's been to Georgia and South Carolina. Coach Donovan from Florida has been up to meet him. He's interested in Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Cincinnati," said Kvam. "He's wide open right now."

Kemp will be playing with the World Wide Renegades during the AAU season. With a good summer, he should see his stock rise

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