Pulley wants to be trusted

Redshirt junior Curtis Pulley is anxious to prove himself to his teammates, and his coaches. Pulley told KSR's Larry Vaught, "As a quarterback, you want to be the leader. But to be the leader, you have to be trusted first."

Junior Curtis Pulley knows better than to say the quarterback has to be the team leader. It might help if that happens like it did with Andre Woodson, but Pulley knows a quarterback is not anointed the team leader.

"I don't think we have to be the leader, but we have to be trusted in the huddle to help the team get in and out of the right plays and stuff," Pulley said. "This spring is going to help us out a lot as far as getting guys' trust and getting to know guys better. We have a young team, and with a young team you have to have trust and focus. So we have to work hard at doing that.

"As a quarterback, you want to be the leader. But to be the leader, you have to be trusted first."

For Pulley, that may also apply to the coaches. They believe in his athletic ability, but worry about his off-field woes that made him ineligible last year.

"It is an important example for me to sit in the classroom. I have learned my lesson," he said. "I try to sit up front in class, take notes and everything, and just show guys that you have to succeed in the classroom as well as on the field. That's part of my responsibility now.

"I am pretty cool with all the guys on the team. I think things went well in the offseason and I am sure they will this spring. But I have to show I know how to handle things in the classroom as well."

Pulley says he is not putting pressure on himself to win the job, something he did two years ago in spring practice before losing it back to Woodson in preseason workouts.

"I just come out and play. If I do that, I should be pretty good at helping the team. It is not pressure. It is more excitement to come out here and show everybody what I can do," Pulley said.

"I feel great about the guys around me. It is a great group of guys. We have young receivers, but they are eager to learn. That helps a lot when we are in the film room and they are asking questions. They want to learn. It is a big difference not having Keenan (Burton) and other guys from last year around to talk to and everything about certain plays, so we all have to talk together to make up for that. But we can do that."

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