Mosley is not a typical football player

Kentucky redshirt freshman wide receiver Anthony Mosley is not your typical football player. Mosley recently spoke with KSR's Larry Vaught about his unusual interest and how that interest translates to football.

Anthony Mosley is not your typical college football player.

He didn't start playing football until he was a junior in high school. His senior year, he didn't drop a pass.

However, what makes the Kentucky redshirt freshman receiver so unique is that he helped start a chess club at Tucker High School in Ellenwood, Ga., along with his friend, Brandon Lampkin, a redshirt freshman defensive tackle now at Arkansas.

"Me and my friends started the chess club at our school. It was just something to have fun that we could do after school. We didn't want to get ourselves into too much trouble going straight home after football season, so we started the chess club to do a little extracurricular after school," Mosley said.

Mosley has not found anyone yet on the Kentucky football team that plays chess.

"I haven't found anybody that talks about playing, but we never talk about chess too much, especially in the locker room. I think there are probably a few guys with the mental capacity to play," Mosley said.

Maybe he could challenge coach Rich Brooks, who takes great pride in his ability to beat UK players and coaches in ping pong.

"We might try it out one day. I haven't checked with him yet, but we could try that," Mosley said. "I am pretty good. I haven't played since graduation, but once I dusted it off a little bit I could get back on it."

Mosley says chess strategy has some correlation to what it takes for an offense to beat a defense.

"It does help me. The way (offensive coordinator) Joker Phillips teaches us and how to beat a defense, it's all one motion. You don't just try to think about one big thing. Especially playing chess you think about if I go here, he has to go here or think about three plays ahead. It's similar to how we do it in football. I think it really does help to think about it like a chess game," Mosley said.

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