Strong, fast linebacker eyes Cats

Cincinnati linebacker Luke Kuechly likes to play fast, and feels getting players that like playing fast is a priority for the Kentucky Wildcats. Kuechly discusses the Kentucky, a school he thinks would give him the opportunity to play close to home.

He already has scholarship offers from numerous schools, but Cincinnati linebacker Luke Kuechly still thinks Kentucky is a "fun team to watch" and also likes that the Wildcats would give him a chance to continue his football career relatively close to home.

"I watched them play a lot last year. I liked the way they played. They are a fun team to watch," the 6-3, 210-pound St. Xavier player said.

He also has scholarship offers from Louisville, Boston College, Miami (Fla.), Michigan State, Indiana, Northwestern, Cincinnati and others. The list is also likely to grow because of his speed and strength.

"I like to say I play fast. I anticipate, or that's what I think. I like to think I can play that way. I like to be physical, too," Kuechly, who runs a 4.7 40-yard dash, said. "I try to play hard and throw a little physical action in there, too, and just see what happens."

He normally lifts weights three days per week before school. At other times, he will also lift on weekends. Currently he's going through his offseason workout program.

Kuechly, who also plays on some special teams, isn't sure when he will visit schools or which schools he'll visit.

One problem is that he plays lacrosse in the spring and that limits his free time.

"I am trying to keep my options open. It's hard to fit in time to make visits that will help me get a better idea about what each school has to offer," Kuechly said.

He's been playing football since he was in the fourth grade. About a year later, he started playing lacrosse after watching players at another school play.

"I thought it was an interesting sport, and I have been playing ever since," Kuechly said. "The footwork is the same in lacrosse and football. Lacrosse is a lot like basketball. You have to stay in front of the guy you are guarding. That footwork helps with football.

"Lacrosse is fast with lot of movement. You have a lot of quick bursts that help with football."

Playing fast is something he knows is a priority at Kentucky because of the Southeastern Conference competition.

"Their conference is so fast, you have to play fast to make it there," Kuechly, who still isn't sure what academic area he'll major in at college, said.

His high school teammate, defensive end Pat Muldon, is also being recruited by Kentucky.

"It is kind of neat to have somebody to talk about it with. He is a good guy. We share what is going on in recruiting with each other. It obviously helps to have someone going through the same thing you are," Kuechly said.

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