Woodyard remains unchanged

Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught recently spoke to former Kentucky linebacker Wesley Woodyard regarding the impending NFL draft. Woodyard told Vaught he plans to spend the NFL draft weekend sitting back, relaxing and just having fun with the draft.

Wesley Woodyard won't change.

When he was Kentucky's leading tackler for three straight seasons, he was a dynamic leader with a contagious smile and personality. It was impossible not to like him.

Now that he's anxiously awaiting the upcoming NFL Draft to see where his football future lies. However, he hasn't changed.

Woodyard was at UK's spring football practice Wednesday watching his former teammates. However, he also had a group of young students from Lexington Day Treatment Center there. He is their mentor -- along with UK teammates DeMoreo Ford, A.J. Nance and Paul Warford.

"The other guys started being their mentors, too, after I introduced them," Woodyard said. "These kids all know me and it was good to see their faces. They are all great kids.

"Their school is kind of a place for kids with problems adjusting to school. It has a real good atmosphere for kids. A lot of kids learn differently, so it is a good situation for them and I was glad to help.

"As much as they love being around me, I love being around them more. They make me feel like a regular person again. To me, that is what it is all about. I bring a lot of joy to their heart, but they bring so much more joy to me with their smiles."

Try to top that sentiment. How could any NFL team not use a hard-hitting, smart football player with that attitude?

"I am kind of anxious to find out where I end up at and get a chance to play professional football," Woodyard said. "You really never know what can happen. I haven't talked to any teams lately. With the draft, you never really know where you are going to fall.

"I am not really nervous about what I did on the field or off the football field. I handled business in that area andI am just waiting to see what happens."

And how will he spend the draft weekend?

"I will be at home, sitting down and grilling out with my family and just having fun. Now that college is over with, we can all just sit back and talk about college football and the draft," Woodyard said.

Will he have as many people at his draft cookout as he did at UK's Senior Day?

"Senior Day was a good chance for me to see a lot of my folks that support me. Now I will probably have that same number with me just sitting back, relaxing and just having fun with the draft. It will be a good time," Woodyard said.

Just like any time with Woodyard always is and always will be.

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