Gillispie does more right than just recruit

Here is a story with Billy Gillispie that needs no real explanation from me. So I am just going to share this heartwarming story about the UK coach and let you see a side of him we don't often get to see in the words Missy Adams, a mother who I guarantee you is now a Billy Gillispie fan for life:

"I have a story about Coach Gillispie that I just had to share. I was at Dawahares in the Fayette Mall and I noticed Coach coming out of the dressing room trying on some clothes. I had just come from the doctor's office with my 11-year-old son who had broken his leg in a dirt bike accident three weeks ago.

"The doctor had put on a brand new cast and my son decided to sit in the car and wait on me. When I saw Coach Gillispie, I immediately thought how awesome it would be if he would sign my son's cast.

"I walked over to where he was and apologized for interrupting him. I told him the story and he said, ‘Sure, I'll sign it.' I told him I would go out to the car and get my little boy and I'd be right back, but he wouldn't hear of that. He walked all the way out to my car, still dressed in the clothes that he was trying on, and opened up the car door where my son was sitting. "My son looked up and saw who it was and his eyes got as big as quarters. The first thing Coach asked him was why his cast was red and not blue. My son didn't know what to say, so I explained that he got red to match the dirt bike that he wrecked on.

"He signed it BG -GO CATS! I can't begin to tell you and everyone else that I tell this story to how much it has meant to me and my son that he took the time to walk out to my car and make my son's day!! He is a really sweet guy and I will always remember him for this. I would be glad to let you share this story with whoever you would like to just so everyone will know what a great guy Coach Gillispie is!"

Obviously, the recent recruiting success is how we'll judge Gillispie in the long run. However, stories like this continue to impress me more and more about UK's coach.

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