Gillispie covered "all bases" with Zollo

When Vinny Zollo and his mother, Robyn Curry, came to visit Kentucky Monday, they were not intent on making a commitment to Billy Gillispie. "I thought about this long and hard before we went there. We had toured a lot of schools. I saw negative things in several we toured. That's why we went to Kentucky with an open mind," said Curry.

"As we were sitting there listening to coach Gillispie talk, I felt so comfortable. It was like when Vinny was 6 months old and I had to find a babysitter. As a single mother, I was going to have to rely on somebody else to be a good provider for him when I was not there. It took me some time to find someone I could be comfortable with and not have to worry or have any anxiety.

"I sat there at Kentucky and felt the same sense of security that I did when he was 6 months old. I knew then this would be the absolute best place for Vinny. They covered all the bases." Gillispie obviously made a lasting impression on Curry.

"I talk to people every day and think I am fairly good at picking out whether someone is real or fake," she said. "Billy is totally different than he is sometimes portrayed. He is down to earth. He's very country, in a good sense, and I didn't expect that. He is also very compassionate. He has a lot of character. I could just tell I could trust my son with him just like I did with my babysitter all those years ago."

Just in case that wasn't enough, Gillispie got a big assist from UK president Lee Todd. He spent an hour with the family and impressed them.

"President Todd is very impressive and very smart," Zollo said. "You usually think of a president as an older guy solely based on academics and all the best things for a college. It is different with him. He takes a different approach. He has the obvious best interest of the college with programs they have going on, but you can tell he supports athletics because he knows about the great community support for UK sports. But it was great of him to take time to make sure I understood how he felt."

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