VAUGHT: Bolser always preferred football

Cincinnati's Ted Bolser is a multi-talented athlete, but he's always been a football player.

"He actually started when he was in the first grade and played on a third-grade team," his father, Tom Bolser, said. "He was always a large boy and he always liked to hit.

"His freshman year of high school, he played middle linebacker and loved it. He's not afraid of contact."

The 6-6, 220-pound tight end from Cincinnati Indian Hill High School was offered a scholarship by Kentucky Saturday. The UK coaches envision him as a potential 260-pound physical tight end who is also athletic enough to run deep routes and make big plays in the passing game.

"Teddy has always been driven to play football since he was 7 years old," his mother, Toni Bolser, said. "He just has that ability and focus. I can remember through the years telling his coaches — and we never interfere — that if they just give Teddy a job to do, he will do it. He's amazing that way."

He's an "amazing" athlete as well. He is so talented in lacrosse that he has already turned down a scholarship offer from Maryland. In basketball, he annually played on top 20 AAU teams that traveled across the country.

He finally gave up basketball his junior year so he would have more time for his other sports, academics and a social life.

"He works so hard and was always having to rush from one place to the next," Toni Bolser said. "He never really had any time to relax before because he was always so gung-ho over football. No matter what he was doing, he found time to do his lifting. We just made the decision last year to drop basketball so he could have some fun and lead more of a normal high school life for two years."

However, academics are important to his family. His father spent 30 years teaching in Ohio before retiring and taking a job at Covington Holmes High School across the river in Covington, Ky.

"It's very important to all of us that he makes a decision so he can concentrate on his senior year and keep his focus on his academics," Tom Bolser said.

Could Kentucky be that choice?

"It's close, which he likes. It's the SEC, which we all like," Tom Bolser said. "We love Kentucky. We love the campus. We love everything we have seen about the program. We love where they are and where they are headed.

"To even be thought of in that category (as a Kentucky player) and to be considered for a chance to be part of that program is a huge, huge honor. It definitely has given us a lot to think about."

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