Orton impressed with Kentucky

One of the top players in the nation, Daniel Orton, has recently named Kentucky as his leader among several top quality programs. Orton, a five-star center, has had a busy spring, and has even more on the agenda this summer. We spoke with Gary Vick, head coach of Athletes First, Orton's AAU program.

6-foot-10 Daniel Orton is the top post prospect on the board for the Kentucky Wildcats. Currently rated the number three center in the nation by Scout.com, Orton has an array of positives in his game. "He's a very gifted athlete," said Vick. "He has very good feet. He's probably the best passing post player in the country at his age," Vick continued. "He can also face up and shoot the ball at his size," said Vick.

Orton also possesses a skill that is desired by most coaches in the country, shot blocking. "His shot blocking, without question, is the best part of his game at this stage," said Vick. "He can really change the way teams bring the ball to the basket."

"He's gotten better every year. He's added the ability to run the floor. He can actually block a shot, take the rebound, and bring it the length of the floor for the score," said Vick. "His conditioning has allowed him to upgrade his game," Vick finished.

He does still need to work on some of the finer points of post defense however. "He's gotta work on post defense; moving his feet. When he gets to college, they'll smooth that out," said Vick.

Orton sustained an injury to his foot earlier in the spring, but coach Vick says he's recovering nicely from that injury. "He's had an assortment of injuries. He's super-tough. He's playing on a knee that's not 100 percent. He's a very mentally tough kid," said Vick.

Orton recently listed several schools as players in his recruitment, including: UCLA, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Ohio State. But at this time only one school stands out at this point.

"I don't know (if he's going to make a fall decision), but he's really impressed with Kentucky at this point. They've got a lot of things in motion," said Vick.

Orton will continue his busy schedule with the Lebron James Skills Camp from July 5th through 10th. After that, his AAU team will be playing in the Nike Peach Jam from July 12th through 15th. They'll also be participating in the Super Showcase in Orlando in July.

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