VAUGHT: Guy never quit believing

Whenever someone asked Winston Guy what he would do if he was not academically eligible to play at Kentucky this year, he always had the same answer — he was going to be eligible and he had no Plan B in case he didn't.

"I was confident I could do it, but I also had to keep saying that to make myself believe it," said the Lexington Catholic safety. "I didn't want anyone, including myself, to think there were any second options. If I did, I was going to let me and a bunch of other people down who were counting on me."

Guy found out last week he was eligible when UK assistant coach Chuck Smith, the coach who recruited him, called with the news. That allowed him to move into a dorm where he's rooming with freshman receiver E.J. Fields, get registered for two summer school classes and start officially working out with UK teammates.

"God willing, I made it through," said Guy.

He could easily play as a true freshman, too, because of his blazing speed. He might not immediately crack the playing rotation at safety, but his speed could make him a valuable special teams player.

"I think I can help the team," Guy said. "I just have to go in and do what the coaches want and need so I can contribute. I want to make things go the best I possibly can with the coaches and help the team out in any way I can. Anything for me to have a chance to play suits me."

His first workout at Kentucky made him realize the difference between high school and college.

"It's not like the conditioning was too hard, but I got tired because I had eaten the wrong type of food and didn't have enough liquids in me," he said. "It all kind of backfired on me. I liked the workout, though, and I am willing to take the challenge to make myself better." He proved he could do that by getting himself eligible.

"I always had the ACT score. I just had to bring up my GPA. I had to take extra core classes to do it, but I did," Guy said. "It's a big relief to be eligible. Coach Brooks congratulated me on getting eligible and I could tell he was as excited as I was."

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