Winston Guy fast forwards Lexington football

In the past Kentucky fans have watched many of Lexington's finest football players depart the city to play football elsewhere. Fans hope that keeping Winston Guy and Aaron Boyd at home, to play for the Wildcats in Lexington, will set a new trend.

Throughout some of Kentucky football lean years, UK has had several Lexington high school football standouts slip out of town to display their talent at other universities. Winston Guy along with Aaron Boyd revived yesteryear fortunes for UK's program. Lexington Catholic star, Guy's story is more dramatic due to the fact he had committed to the University of Arkansas and UK turned him around. Unfortunately Boyd chose not to participate in Friday's East/West All-Star Classic.

Some significant talents that have gone elsewhere are Bryan Station's Eric Shelton to Louisville, all be it via a transfer from Florida State; BS's Haskins brothers to Louisville; Tates Creek's Antoine Sims to U of L; Lafayette's Enrique Shaw to Michigan State; and Lexington Catholic's Justin Burke to North Carolina State, to name a few.

Dating back a little over two decades before the aforementioned, Lexington stars such as Dermontti Dawson, George Adams, Mark Logan, and Cornell Burbage and later Kio Sanford all starred at UK. Yes, for space purposes I have left a few out. Perhaps Winston Guy and Aaron Boyd have stopped the bleeding and UK's program can once again be an attractive stop for Lexington football stars.

The East versus West All-Star game allowed Guy to once again put his football talents on display. He did it in spades by leading his team in tackles, racking up nine.

Back in December at Papa John Stadium, in the high school football playoffs, Guy wreaked havoc on Lone Oak quarterback Corey Robinson. But this time was much different because Robinson had a much better supporting cast this time.

What were the causes that provoked a change of heart for Guy when he changed his commitment from Arkansas to Kentucky?

"There was a lot of controversy going on at Arkansas," Guy explained. "It was really far away from home, and I'm a family guy. I felt more comfortable at home. I think Rich Brooks takes care of all of his players and I see him as a father figure. I just thought that if I came to Kentucky I would have the same opportunity to do the same things I would have at Arkansas; and that's why I decided to stay at home."

What role did the Wildcats' win over Arkansas this past season play in Guy's decision?

"Everybody was giving me a bunch of stuff about that. It kind of affected me a little bit. I was like, man, Kentucky's up and coming so I felt like I could make a good impact coming in."

"Winston's going to be a great football player," said the East head coach Dale Anderson of Southwestern High School. "He was a great leader for us. I want to say that first because everybody gives him credit for being a great athlete. We all understand that, but better than that he was a great leader for us and he's a class young man. A lot of times when you get in an all-star situation you don't know what you are getting but he's 100-percent."

Given all things come down on the side of good fortune for Guy, UK should be a big winner because Guy has big time potential in his college future.

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