VAUGHT: Boone enjoyed a "crazy year"

Former Kentucky receiver Aaron Boone says it was a "crazy year" for him with the Utah Blaze in the Arena Football League this season. However, Boone's crazy year produced some impressive numbers before his team was eliminated from the playoffs last week.

He had 135 receptions for 1,527 yards and 23 touchdowns. He was one of three receivers on his team with over 1,500 yards.

"Teams would try to double up one game one game and another guy would have a big game. The next week it was a different guy having a big game," Boone said. "We all had our big games.

"Our team lost nine in a row and then got it turned around and probably surprised a few people with the way we ended the season. It's a lot better than last year when I got hurt in the first quarter of the first game. This year I was basically healthy and was third in the league in receiving. I think I've found a nice little niche here."

Not that Boone still wouldn't like a chance to play in the NFL, but he's realistic enough to know that probably won't happen.

"After the NFL, the Arena League has the next best talent. It's better than Canada," he said.

Boone joked that he was glad his marriage during the offseason didn't impact his play.

"It was a bit different after 29 years of being a bachelor," he said. "I was so worried because I heard girls would make your legs weak, but it was really nice to come home and get a meal and have a friend all the time."

Boone knows the injury settlement he negotiated with the Carolina Panthers probably also hurt his chances to make a NFL roster.

"It got messy at times. When you do that, they put an asterisk by your name that other NFL teams see when they look at you," Boone, who has two younger brothers playing in the NFL, said. "But there are a lot tougher ways to make a living than this."

Boone and his wife are going to take a few months to "wander" around South America. He studied international business at UK and minored in Spanish.

"She is a roamer, too. She's all for it," Boone said of his wife.

Boone has also been involved in real estate development and has a project underway he hopes will take advantage of the urgency to develop crude oil in the United States.

But since Boone and his wife hope to "start having kids quick," he knew this was the right time to return to Peru where he went on a mission trip before he came to Kentucky.

"It will be fun to go visit families I knew. I want her (his wife) to see where I did business," he said. "I want to spend more time there and see what kind of business opportunities there might be. I would love to be able to help a lot of my old friends there because they are great people."

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