VAUGHT: Boyd on Boyd

Former Kentucky quarterback Shane Boyd knows a lot is going to be expected from his brother, receiver Aaron Boyd, during his first season with the Wildcats.

Aaron Boyd was one of the state's top recruits -- and one of the nation's elite receivers -- and he could help fill the void the Cats have that was created by the graduation of Keenan Burton and Steve Johnson.

"I tell him he has a lot on his shoulders being the top recruit and they are looking at him to do a lot of things this year," said Shane Boyd, who soon will be back in training camp with the Houston Texans. "I just tell him to keep everything in perspective and not let everything overwhelm him.

"He is going to be looked at to make the big plays and do everything for them to a certain point. But I told him not let them overtake him, especially in this league as a freshman. It is hard. It is such a tough league. He is an exceptional athlete, but at same time he is young and has more maturing to do.

"I just tell him to keep his head about him and keep himself calm and not let the glitz and glamour and fame of him being a star playing as a freshman overwhelm him because it can drown you at times."

While Shane Boyd was a calm, quiet player, his brother is much more emotional -- and openly acknowledges that helps his game.

Is that good or bad?

"It is good for him. At my position as a quarterback, you can't show all that emotion," Shane Boyd said. "You don't want people to see you go up and down. As a receiver, you want to have that emotion. You can display that because you can catch the ball and you don't always have to be like a quarterback who has everybody listening to him. Even in chaos, the quarterback has to stay strong. That was just my mentality. That is why I played quarterback and why he plays receiver with his mentality. I think it is a good thing for him. It is just in him. He is a very emotional guy, but it helps his play."

What could impact his play is that UK will have a new starting quarterback. Either Mike Hartline or Curtis Pulley will be trying to replace Andre Woodson, who led UK to back-to-back bowl wins.

"I wouldn't say it is bad for him to be playing with a new quarterback. He is a freshman, so he is going to have to get used to someone new any way. I hope the quarterback situation works itself out and it will be what it is," Shane Boyd said.

"There will be some rocky points, but they all have to get around the learning curve quick. They have a good schedule the way they have some opponents to where they can get better but still keep confidence and get wins. It is what you have to do.

"You have to adjust. Even if you are good enough to be a starter, you still have to have that chemistry with that guy at quarterback. All the quarterbacks have to know everybody in case something goes wrong or a change needs to be made.

"He has to get used to whatever quarterback is in, but he also has to be dependable in his spot. He has to run routes the way they are supposed to be ran and be where he is supposed to be at. Then the quarterback can adjust to the receiver. From a quarterback's standpoint, there are certain receivers who are going to get to to spots quicker. Whether I speed up my drop or slow down, I can adjust. He needs to run his route and get where he is supposed to be. The receiver doesn't adjust to the quarterback. The quarterback adjusts to the receiver and that's what he has to remember."

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