VAUGHT: Cobb no surprise to Phillips

If there has been one surprise about Kentucky's summer football workouts, it would have to be the play of freshman Randall Cobb based on what veteran players are saying.

Cobb is the highly-touted quarterback from Tennessee who turned down a late recruiting push by the hometown Volunteers to honor his commitment to the Wildcats.

However, he's made his mark playing receiver this summer and seems destined to work his way into the playing rotation at that spot this season.

"It doesn't surprise us that he's doing that well," said UK offensive coordinator Joker Phillips. "We knew what we were getting. He has that Keenan Burton type attitude and personality. It is infectious. He is the kind of guy you want in the locker room and huddle and community and academic center. He is a guy who is very positive, very athletic. He's really a sharp guy, too.

"It is seldom that you see and hear other players brag about other players. But everyone of our players when you ask them which freshman out there impresses them, they don't let you finish before they tell you that Randall has to get on the field. He has a presence to him."

Phillips said he impressed future teammates when he came to spring practice and got close to the offensive huddle to hear what was being said.

"He can comprehend and quickly tell you what he hears. I like how he is a fast thinking guy," Phillips said. "The kid is smart enough to understand where he can probably play first, and that's at receiver."

Cobb will still get a chance to work at quarterback when preseason practice opens.

"But he's got to be on the field. He's got way too much talent not to be on the field," Phillips said. "We might even line him up at quarterback when the other guy (Curtis Pulley or Mike Hartline) is in the game at quarterback because he's not only got to be on the field, he's got to have the ball in his hands. He has the attitude that he could return punts or kickoffs. We are going to find ways to use him."

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