Curtis Pulley's Father Speaks

On Friday, the news of potential starting quarterback Curtis Pulley's problems with the law came to light. Immediately speculation began and very few facts were presented. KSR had a chance to speak with Curtis's father, Curtis Pulley Sr. about the situation and to get their side of the story.

On July 22nd, Pulley was charged with speeding, driving on a suspended or revoked license and having expired or no plates or registration papers. The charges of driving on a suspended or revoked license and having expired or not plates or registration papers were dropped on July 30th. "Curtis had two speeding tickets and I paid them," said Curtis Pulley Sr. "I know the registration was updated in January, because I paid for that as well. He was driving my car, with South Carolina plates," said Pulley.

Pulley did plead guilty to speeding in court in Hardin County on July 30th. The registration charge was set for disposition on Aug. 22.

With the bulk of that problem out of the way, the what remains is his June 12th run-in with local police in Louisville. On that day, he was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession. He plead guilty and went through a diversion program on July 9th. This circumstance wasn't made public until the aforementioned traffic charges came to light. Even the coaches weren't aware of this incident.

"Some guys, cops, walked up on them. He was with two or three other guys. They found some marijuana. They gave him a citation. They didn't take him to jail, cuff him or finger print him," said Mr. Pulley. "This wasn't Curtis's car. He didn't know the weed was in the car," said Mr. Pulley. "Some people are saying he was driving and smoking it when the cops came through. But if that was the case, why didn't they arrest him?"

"We just want the truth to come out," said Mr. Pulley.

Rich Brooks will wait until he has all the facts in place before he makes a decision regarding Curtis's future with the Wildcats. A decision could come very soon, as practice begins on August 5th and players report on August 4th. Also, Mr. Pulley plans to meet with coach Brooks on July 31st or August 1st.

"I spoke with coach Phillips. He said no decision had been made. I will be coming up on Thursday or Friday to meet with coach Brooks," said Mr. Pulley.

Mr. Pulley has been vocal about defending his son. He has visited messageboards and read the news and he feels as a parent, he has no choice but to defend him. "It's hard to watch your child get bashed. I felt I had to go and defend him on the messageboards. He's never given me a reason to doubt him," said Mr. Pulley. "I wish he had better judgement about who he hung around with though," he continued.

While the elder Pulley did defend his son, he didn't completely dismiss Curtis's own responsibility in these situations. "He was in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Mr. Pulley. "But he's got to accept more responsibility and make better decisons."

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