VAUGHT: Dortch Q & A, Part 1 of 2

Chris Dortch is publisher of Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook, a publication that has more information than any other preseason football magazine and one that coaches, as well as fans, rely on for information all season. Here are some of his thoughts on the Wildcats.

Question: What do you expect out of Kentucky football this year considering the marquee names the Wildcats lost?

Dortch: That's hard to predict given the state of things in the SEC. But what we can say with certainty is that the groundwork for a program, not a one- or two-year wonder, has been built. Recruiting has noticeably stepped up, and everyone knows how important that is. The schedule allows for an opportunity to build a little early momentum.

Question: Has the perception of Rich Brooks and the Kentucky football program changed across the SEC in the last two years?

Dortch: No question. Two bowl wins in two years has made people take notice. SEC teams are having to duel with Kentucky for certain recruits.

Question: Who is the one player for Kentucky you enjoy watching play the most?

Dortch: I like Derrick Locke because of the speed and athleticism he brings to the running back spot. He's a great track athlete, and those skills help him on the football field and make him a legitimate threat.

Question: What game do you think will be the biggest key to determining UK's success this year?

Dortch: To me, it's that opener at Louisville. If Kentucky wins, it has a good chance of going 4-0 to start the season. Find three more wins the rest of the way and the payoff is another bowl game. The positive momentum gained from winning that opener is crucial.

Join Chris Dortch tomorrow in the second part of the two part Q&A session and his views on the Kentucky Wildcats football team.

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