VAUGHT: Dortch Q& A, Part 2 of 2

Chris Dortch is publisher of Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook, a publication that has more information than any other preseason football magazine and one that coaches, as well as fans, rely on for information all season. KSR's Larry Vaught visits with Dortch to get his thoughts on the Wildcats.

Question: How big a move was it for UK to name Joker Phillips the coach in waiting?

Dortch: I think it was important for the continued success of the program. Joker is a bright guy and has been around a while. He'll keep all the positive momentum going and I think will be an active, successful recruiter as a head coach. He won't look at his elevation to the top spot as a chance to take it easy and delegate. He'll continue to work hard.

Question: Kentucky stunned LSU last year. Do you see any chance of another monumental upset like that this year?

Dortch: Circle that Oct. 4 game at Alabama. If the Cats jump out to a 4-0 start, they'll go to Tuscaloosa with a lot of confidence and positive momentum.

Question: What's new about Blue Ribbon this year and what is the best part of the publication from a fans' perspective again?

Dortch: We've hired several new writers and have our largest staff ever. The people we've hired, like some guy I know in Kentucky, have given us even greater insight into the programs they cover. Blue Ribbon is a true insider's guide. The best thing I can tell you about Blue Ribbon is that ESPN and CBS announcers clamor to get it well before the season begins. For those guys, Blue Ribbon is like a textbook that they need to do their homework. An increasing amount of coaches, just like they do in basketball, are buying Blue Ribbon for the scouting aspect of it. And several NFL teams are outfitting their entire scouting departments with the book. If those folks who earn their living around the game use the book, fans should really benefit from it, too.

Question: How is the best way to get a copy if you don't already have one?

Dortch: You can order it 24/7 by going to our website ( or calling a toll free number (866-805-2255).

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