VAUGHT: Braxton Kelley Q & A on teammates

Senior linebacker Braxton Kelley will be starting for the fourth year this season at Kentucky and no one knows the defense better than him. He shared his unique insights into his personality while answering questions about his teammates.

Question: Other than you, who is the best player on the Kentucky defense?

Kelley: "We have a couple of guys. I can't really just say one player that is just way better than the other players.

"We have Trevard Lindley, who is a lockdown, cover corner. Jeremy Jarmon is a great defensive end and Micah Johnson is a real good linebacker. We have a lot of playmakers out there who will get better each day."

Question: Who is the one player this defense can't afford to lose?

Kelley: "I don't think we could afford to lose Lindley because of the way he covers guys. He is one of those guys that can shut down his side of the field. In this league, teams like to pass the ball and go deep to their big-time receivers that are 6-2 or 6-3. He is real tall for a cornerback himself and he has great patience and ball breakup ability. He is one of the best players on this team. If we lose him, it could be bad for us. We do have guys that can step up if it did happen, but wouldn't want to see it happen."

Question: Which UK defensive lineman would you not want to have to try and block?

Kelley: "I wouldn't try to block Myron Pryor. He is one of the biggest guys and strongest guys and quickest guys I have seen. I watch film of practices and games, and you have guys 320- or 340-pounds that can't handle Myron Pryor with his explosiveness he has with his hands. And with the power in his legs, he can just drive anybody back. I think he would probably the most feared guys for me to block."

Question: Who is the one guy on your team you hate having to try and tackle?

Kelley: "I would say Derrick Locke. You have to get to him first, and for most people, that won't happen. He is one of the fastest guys on this team. Also Alfonso Smith has great speed. Both those guys are hard to tackle."

Question: Who is one player you do not like to cover running a pass route?

Kelley: "I definitely wouldn't want to cover Dicky Lyons, but I would say the young freshmen coming in, Randall Cobb. He is doing real well. He is one of the fastest guys on the offense, too. He is very hard to cover."

Question: What player will be the biggest surprise on defense this year?

Kelley: "I would say David Jones. When he played corner my freshman year, he was good. I think he will have a real big year this year. A lot of people might not think that because they haven't seen him play corner in while, but he is going to be a very good player."

Question: Who is the most underrated player on the Kentucky defense?

Kelley: "I would have to say it is me. I go out and try to do my job. Sometimes people do notice, sometimes they don't. Then I would have to say Corey Peters also. He is one of those guys when I watch film that does everything right.

"He is one of the most unselfish players you will see. He might have a chance to make a tackle, but he would rather hold up the blockers and make sure the linebackers are free to do something. He won't do something he shouldn't do like try to get out of gap. He will do what he has to do first. If he has a chance to make a tackle, he will make the play. He is also a good pass rusher. I think Corey Peters is a very underrated guy on this team."

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