Adeyemi likes UK, misses mother

Eric Adeyemi is one of about a half dozen freshman wide receivers jostling for playing time this season for the Wildcats. What does the Floridian think of the Kentucky program, and being so far from home?

Eric Adeyemi doesn't like to say how fast he can run, but he's quick with answers. "You have to see Aug. 31 (when UK opens the season at Louisville)," Adeyemi joked when asked how fast he could run. "I am pretty fast I believe. I just have to work on my technique catching the ball."

The freshman receiver from Miami says he ran a 4.33 40-yard dash in high school and expects that time to drop considerably by his junior year at Kentucky because "our running program here is incredible."

He is one of five -- or maybe six -- freshmen vying for playing time at receiver this year.

"I want to make an impact. That's up to coach if I play. If they think I am ready, I want to play but they will determine if I am ready. It's tough here. I thought I was catching on pretty quick in the summer, but I knew there would be a lot coming when practice started for real. Now I know I really have a long way to go. But they will have me ready when the season starts."

He could have stayed much closer to home to play since he turned down offers from in-state schools to try his luck in the Bluegrass.

"The fans and the coaches were the reasons I chose Kentucky. When the coaches came, they told me the truth. It was none of that bullnuts so other places had to say," Adeyemi said. "I felt at home here immediately. And the offense is incredible. That's why I picked Kentucky."

What did the coaches tell him?

"They told me if I would come in and work hard, I would see results and could even be a starter. That stuck to me, and I liked that honesty. They didn't promise me anything I wouldn't have to work for," he said.

He came to Kentucky in June for summer school and life here has been a bit of an adjustment for him.

"When I first got here, I was like, ‘Damn, this is Kentucky.' As the days go by, I get more relaxed and used to it. I understand it more here. It's not like Miami with everything right next to each other in the city. Kentucky is kind of a small country town and everybody knows each other. I have to get used to it. But I think it is cool now," he said.

However, he's not ashame to admit he misses his mother enormously. He has not been able to go home since he arrived here and won't until the season ends. "I miss my momma. She will be here for the first game, I hope. She is planning to come," he said. "I have never been away from her this long. Not at all. I mean, like before I left, she was crying. That is my life. That is why I am here. I love her a lot. I miss her every day. I call and e-mail her all the time. She is my life. I am just doing this for her to make it easier for her to live."

He's grateful she encouraged him to follow his heart and come to Kentucky to play rather than stay close to home.

"She told me if this is what I like and was comfortable with it, then go to Kentucky. I didn't feel that comfort zone at other schools, especially those in Florida. Then Kentucky came and we both liked it and she told me to go. Now I am glad I did even though I miss her every day," Adeyemi said.

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