Burden likes LaGrange connection

Redshirt freshman Randall Burden did his part in recruiting current LaGrange (Ga.) Grangers to Kentucky. Burden recently spoke to KSR on what makes Qua Huzzie and Tristian Johnson special football players in his book.

Randall Burden says LaGrange (Ga.) teammates Qua Huzzie and Tristian Johnson, both recent verbal commits to Kentucky, have similar characteristics.

"They were great players already in high school while I was playing with them. They have great attitudes, were good in school and were good on the field. They have a natural feel for playing football," said Burden, a former LaGrange star and redshirt freshman cornerback at UK.

"Tristian is a workaholic. They both are. They love the game of football. That is part of LaGrange football, and they both love playing the game."

Huzzie made his verbal commitment to UK first without telling Burden what he was going to do. However, Burden did all he could to get Johnson to speed up his process and knew he was going to commit earlier this week.

"I didn't know Qua had committed until he called and told me. Then I talked to Tristan and told him to come," Burden said. "He was trying to tell some others what he might do. I think I had a big influence on Tristian. He told me he was going to wait and do it before the first game, but I told him he needed to go on and do it now.

"I'm glad he did. If you keep waiting around, strange things can happen. He needs to be here."

Former UK linebacker Wesley Woodyard was the first LaGrange player to come to Kentucky. DeMoreo Ford, Braxton Kelley and Ford have followed. This year walk-on kicker Pat Simmons joins the UK ranks.

"Wesley, DeMoreo and Braxton got me here. Now we've all been talking to Qua and Tristian, and we got them. We want to keep this LaGrange connection going," Burden said.

Burden says he feels playing well this year will influence other LaGrange players to come to Kentucky.

"It doesn't put too much pressure on me being from LaGrange because the guys back home are watching. They know what I can do and how I can play. I actually put pressure on them so they can work to get better and get here and actually play their first year," he said.

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