VAUGHT: Trevathan not overwhelmed so far

Freshman linebacker Danny Trevathan didn't feel overwhelmed when he signed with Kentucky because he thought he might be able to contribute his first year.

"I believe everybody has a role to play on this team. It is up to us to find that role. I think I can contribute, but it is up to how I perform with pads on and if I can get the playbook right that will let the coaches determine if I play." Trevathan, a middle linebacker, has size, speed and hitting power.

"Here it is more about reading the guards and more about having ‘fast eyes' as coach (Chuck) Smith puts it. You have to be able to read the line and the fullback and then react. It's different, but I like it and you really find out who can play when you put the pads on and show what you can do for a team. That's why I like the contact drills."

He admits there have been a "couple of surprises" for him at UK. Overall, though, he feels good about what he's done.

"I was mentally prepared as well as physicall prepared to perform the tasks the coaches want," Trevathan said.

"You can't worry about a lot of things when you come in here. You just come in and be who you are. We are all part of the same team. The older group welcomed all the freshmen in, and I appreciated that."

He says it wasn't just one player that made him feel comfortable when he got to Kentucky.

"It was all of them -- Braxton Kelley, Johnny Williams, Sam Maxwell, Mikhail Mabry. They all did things to help. Everybody wants everybody to be better. It is not just one person helping anyone at any position. They all helped us. If one guy tells you something, another guy has something better to tell you or they are going to back up what the other person said," Trevathan said.

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks likes the way Trevathan has backed up his words with impressive play.

"He's made you notice him. For a freshman, that's a good thing," Brooks said.

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