Kentucky's frontcourt should be much improved

Recently former Kentucky All-American Kenny "Sky" Walker had the opportunity to watch the current edition of the Kentucky Wildcats play a little preseason ball. Read Kenny's observations and thoughts on some of the newest Cats in this second installment of a three part series.

When I was watching the Kentucky players play, I wasn't sure what to expect from junior college transfer Josh Harrellson. I knew he was big, but that was about it.

I was very impressed with Josh Harrellson, too. I think we are going to have a tremendous upgrade from Mark Coury. He is not only a big body to throw in there to help out on the boards and defense, but he can really stick the outside shot from 16 to 18 feet. For a big man, he impressed me also running the floor and he has a good nose for the ball. I think he is going to be a great compliment to Perry Stevenson and Patrick Patterson. I think those three guys can rotate and give UK some depth it didn't have last year. I also think Harrellson with his body will bring some toughness that UK didn't have last year as well.

He can be a scorer, too. I could see them working the high-low situation pretty well, too. I think he is a good passer from the post. If you put Patterson at the top of the post, Harrellson is a big guy that can spread out really wide and post up strong. You are going to have some good options between Patterson, Stevenson and Harrellson in the high-low because they can all play different positions.

Perry Stevenson didn't get stronger or bigger, but he is playing with a whole lot more confidence. I think when Patrick went down last year, they encouraged Perry to be more aggressive offensively, and he's still doing that. Stevenson is looking for that 12- to 15-foot jump shot, and overall he is looking for more scoring opportunities. If Perry stays aggressive, the Cats will have a good rotation on the front line.

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