Walker discusses returning role players

Recently former Kentucky All-American Kenny "Sky" Walker had the opportunity to watch the current edition of the Kentucky Wildcats play a little preseason ball. Read Kenny's observations and thoughts on some of the returning Cats in this final installment of a three part series.

Ramon Harris is not going to impress a lot in summer ball. He is a guy that is going to play defense and fill a certain role on the team. Going to Africa gave him some experience that will help him. His leadership and defense are where he gets his playing time. He impressed me.

I was a little disappointed with Jared Carter. He was on that same Africa trip with Ramon. I was hoping it would help his confidence and maybe make him a little tougher because I thought that was what Billy Gillispie was looking for him to do. He needs to throw his body around and be a presence in the middle, and I don't quite see that.

Michael Porter is a guy that because of his quickness is not going to get an opportunity to be the backup point guard and play the role he came here to play. I would like to see him move more to become a Cameron Mills type player. I think he is a good shooter. I think he turns down far too many shots. I think he has to be aggressive the 10 to 12 minutes a game he will play and try to bring more offense to the team.

I talked to A.J. Stewart and joked around with him a little bit about the problems he had last year. My advice to him was to show up for practice and class on time and not fall asleep in team meetings. He did all of those last year and got in Gillispie's doghouse, which really hurt his chances to play more. For the few minutes we saw him, you could tell he was an athletic guy and you are looking for that on any team and he looked good recently when I saw him. I told him there are minutes there but he has to be committed to doing all the little things to get on the court that he didn't do last year. He's bigger. He's stronger. I think that works to his favor to get more playing time.

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