VAUGHT: Has Gillispie changed?

With Big Blue Madness just over a week away and the start of the season less than a month away, it's time to find out what changes the Kentucky players have seen in coach Billy Gillispie. So I asked them what differences there were in the coach this year. Here are their answers.

Perry Stevenson: "I don't know if he has changed at all. He is still the good guy that he is. As second and third year players he is not as hard on us because he knows we know what he wants more."

A.J. Stewart: " Not at all. He is just the same as he was. He is still pretty tough."

Patrick Patterson: "I think he has changed. When I first got here he had to be tough and establish himself as a coach to us. He had to set the mood right. He was really tough and straight forward last year. He wanted a lot out of us.

"This summer he has been cool and calm. He has been a great person to hang out with and hang around. He's a good person. He has been real cool. He has let up and is having more fun with us and we having more fun with him. We all love each other. When he came to my home this was the side of him I saw. When I got here, the actual coaching side came out. Now on and off the court, he is the same friendly coach Gillispie I saw at my home."

Jodie Meeks: "I think he has changed some, but at the same time he is always a blue-collar type coach. He stays late. He is the first one there, and the last one to leave. We respect and appreciate what he is doing for us.

"Last year we did not know what to expect. He would have to tell us what to do and we had some long practices. We know him better this year. He still surprises me. We did not see much of him over the summer. We still have a lot to learn about him, but we are all definitely closer this year."

Ramon Harris: "That is hard to answer for me because we are not in practice yet. I think when we have been around him he has been a little more low key. You can tell he still has the same passion and things like that."

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