VAUGHT: Gillispie likes talent, versatility

If Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie had his way, his roster would have tall, athletic players with great skills and IQ levels. While he's not quite ready to say when he thinks he can achieve that goal at UK, he's made it clear that he likes the players he has on his second team.

"If things play out the way I think they will, we will have a team with great versatility. We will be inexperienced, but I do think we will have the ability to do a lot of different things offensively and defensively," said Gillispie.

"How that equates to win and losses will be determined by how well e play at point guard, how well we shoot and how well we mature. But for going into our second year and losing Derrick Jasper, Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley (off last year's team), I do like the way our roster looks."

Gillispie's teams at Texas A&M were known for their defensive prowess. However, Gillispie has even higher hopes for this season.

"We are going to be a really good man-to-man (defensive) team. I think if our team stays injury free, we have chance to be the best defensive team I have been around because of our size and athletic ability," Gillispie said. "It usually takes a while to be that good because you have to develop a competitive nature.

"I think this team could be an extremely good rebounding team. I know they are going to play hard and want to win. There are a lot of guys on our team not only with the ability to get a rebound but who can also push the ball up the court.

"We will do lot of things different on offense. We have a good high-low team with experience. We have the ability to drive the basketball. I think we will be a much better driving team and when you do that, you put pressure on the defense and get to the foul line more. We should have some good offensive rebounders as well, which helps you get easy baskets."

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