VAUGHT: Patterson feeling fine, Meeks 100%

Kentucky had two players — Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks — facing major offseason rehabilitation and another player — Jared Carter — still trying to overcome shoulder problems that have plaqued him for two years. So how did the rehabilitation go and how anxious are those players for this season to get here?

Patterson: "Anybody can go down no matter who that person might be. You can go down and your career be over. It just depends on the attitude and mentality you have and support you have around you as to how quickly you bounce back and heal. The time you spend in the rehab room doing therapy is hard. But you can't get down.

"When I first found out about my ankle, it was devastating. It was hard to stay calm, especially when we were at Tennessee playing and I wanted to be out there. That's why I am so anxious to get back out there. I wish could go play a full game right now. I can't play full pickup game yet. I still have pain in my ankle. I am doing individual 30-minute workouts with the coaching staff now. I still get winded real early because I was not able to run all summer except on the water treadmill and ride a bike, but that is nothing compared to our conditioning program. But when the season starts, I should be fine."

Meeks: "I was probably feeling 100 percent at the end of the summer. I don't worry any more. I was still having some pain in mid-summer. It was just betting back in shape more than anything.

"I am pretty eager to play. I did miss the whole year. I am just ready to get back and try to win. That is the main thing. Kentucky basketball fans love their basketball and want us to win and we do also. I want to be out there helping us do that again."

Carter: "I am fine. I had no problems with my shoulders all summer. I have been working out all summer. I am ready to make an impact this year and help the team out as much as I can. "I have never really been able to show what I can do. It just seems like injuries have set me back a little bit every year. I still have something to bring to the table for this team. I am just trying to focus on working hard and hope I get a chance to contribute and show what I am made of this year."

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