VAUGHT: Guy likes new position

Freshman Winston Guy thought he had a chance to develop into a big-time safety in the Southeastern Conference. Now he's having to adjust his thinking after the Wildcats moved him to cornerback after secondary coach Jeff Thurmond suggested he change positions to take advantage of his size and speed.

"He was saying I could be a good press guy. I have a lot of work to do to learn the position, but I do like corner," Guy said. "I like going up against Dicky(Lyons) and the receivers. It makes me better. I just need to work on the fundamentals like my footwork. As far as the technique, I am getting it down pretty good. I like it and I am just trying to make progress."

He always played safety at Lexington Catholic -- "where you are the quarterback of the defense," Guy said -- and he's adjusting to more man-to-man coverage at cornerback.

"We don't really play a lot of zone defense. We play some, but we play mostly man and I like pressing. I have the speed and the size for it and I feel like I am one of the bigger corners and can use my size to my ability against receivers there."

Kentucky junior Trevard Lindley is already considered one of the best, if not the best, cornerbacks in the SEC.

"Trevard is really a good player and I look up to him and I watch him and his techniques a lot. He does a lot of things I try to use to make myself a better player. I don't know that anyone can be the next Trevard, but I sure like watching the way he plays," Guy said.

As expected, Guy has played regularly on special teams because of his size and speed. He's made some big plays, but he's also found out making tackles is not as easy as he thought it might be.

"I have learned a lot about special teams. I just have to learn about breaking down in front of the returner. At the Alabama game, I had a lot of chances to get tackles but I was overrunning things and getting frustrated. I am learning, watching film and seeing what teams do that I should know," he said. "I just want to get better, and know I can. That's where I can make an impact for this team this year."

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