VAUGHT: Williams now a playmaker

Since Johnny Williams has played both linebacker and defensive end this season, it's hard to know exactly what to consider him. But Williams knows how he wants to be known going into Saturday's game against Arkansas.

"I have been playing both positions, but I consider myself a playmaker," said Williams.

"Actually, the move has worked out great. I have worked hard at practice and I got a lot of help from the coaching staff and some of the older guys. They have really put me in a good position to help our defense."

Surprisingly, he says it has not been hard to rush the quarterback because of his quickness and size.

"It is kind of crazy. It is kind of like second nature to me. I did it in high school and it is starting to come back. It is just different. I have not really seen double teams yet, but I am sure they will bring backs and slide protection to me or throw it quick," he said. "But we have a pretty good defensive line. Those guys need extra attention and it is hard to block those guys one on one."

That has made it easier for Williams to go after the quarterback and enjoy football more than ever this year.

"I have always enjoyed football, but I just feel more comfortable. I have to really enjoy this season because it is my last year. Who knows what happens after the season? This could be my last season ever playing football, so I am trying to make the most of it," he said.

"Basically it is now or never. I take that approach to each game and practice and leave it all on the field."

Williams isn't worried about publicity or attention for himself going into Saturday's must-win game with Arkansas. He just wants a SEC win.

"I don't really think about respect or publicity. I just know if we go out and play to the best of our ability, it will come eventually to everyone," Williams said. "I think all our guys feel that way and the coaching staff has faith in us just as much as anybody. That really helps a lot knowing coaches have your back. But now we have to win. There's no more waiting for that first SEC win. We have to go get it Saturday."

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