VAUGHT: UK talent impresses Harrellson

Josh Harrellson knew the talent at Kentucky would be far better than anything he saw in junior college. But he never expected quite what he has found since arriving at Kentucky.

"The talent level here is absolutely amazing. Our depth as a team is outstanding," said Harrellson.

"Our third string, if you want to call them that, is just as good as our first string. It doesn't matter how it goes. Everybody is as good as everybody else.

"It's going to help all of us practicing against each other, especially the big guys. Everybody will get better and better playing against guys who are that good."

No one has impressed Harrellson more than Patrick Patterson, one of the nation's top freshmen last year.

"I can learn a lot from him. He is a great player and good teacher. He tells me to stay low because I play erect. He teaches me a lot every day," Harrellson said.

He has liked junior Perry Stevenson from day one and quickly learned he was a far better player than he realized before he got to UK.

"He is a character. He is a great guy and a really nice guy. He is so down to earth and laid back," Harrellson said. "I think a lot of people underestimate Perry. I think he is one of the best players on this team. He is outstanding. He can block anybody's shot. I have never been around a better shot blocker than him.

"He is strong, too. He has really worked on his body. He has a lot more muscle than last year. He's a lot stronger from what they all tell me than he was at this same time last year."

But Harrellson thinks he can find ways to help this team, too.

"I can hit the 3. I take a lot of pride in my shooting. It is something I really worked on when I first started playing basketball," Harrellson said. "I take pride in my shot and worked a lot on it. It just developed over the years. It extends the defense if I can do that.

"I don't mind scoring down low. Either way is fine with me. I like banging inside or shooting outside equally well. I hope I can be a good fit for this team. I am just going to do my best and hope we come out on top every game."

He says pushing the 3-point line back a foot won't make a huge difference to him, either.

"It doesn't change my mentality. I will just get more rebounds," he laughed and said. "Seriously, it is like a foot back. It really doesn't make a big difference."

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