VAUGHT: Hartline won't gloat

Surely this would have been the time for Mike Hartline to gloat at least a little bit. He had let some of his emotions show immediately after he threw two touchdown passes to Randall Cobb Saturday to lead UK's dramatic 21-20 rally to beat Arkansas. Who could blame him? He has been booed, criticized and second-guessed in his first year as UK's starting quarterback.

But he was spectacular in the final five minutes and maybe, just maybe, could that have been the real Mike Hartline that was so good in high school and had looked so confident to win the No. 1 job.

"I think that is a side of me that I have always had, but at the same time I have to keep it in check. I am not the player right now to be making decisions like Andre (Woodson) did last year. He was a four-year veteran and he had experience under his belt and he could make plays outside of your discipline just because he was so athletically gifted with his arm," Hartline said.

But didn't he just do the same thing?

"With me, it's almost like we can do those type of plays, but I have to be careful. They were there and we took advantage those last five minutes. It was good we could get through those type of plays in that situation and get ball to Randall (Cobb) for him to make plays," Hartline said.

So why had those plays been missing?

"I think it is just the type of personnel we have right now on offense. We are more concerned about getting good plays in and making good throws to keep the chains moving," Hartline said. "At times, we have had a hard time doing that this year. We have had a hard time converting on our third down opportunities very well. That might be something we have to look for more in the future is taking those shots down the field and making more situations on offense where we try to get Randall free to get him the ball down the field."

Or how about just letting the quarterback freelance a little more, have some fun and let that ball fly?

"That sounds good, but I'm a realist. Those two plays don't mean I have arrived," Hartline said. ‘I'm still learning. Hopefully, I'm getting there but I'm no Andre Woodson yet."

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