KENNY WALKER: Harrellson will help Patterson

From what I have seen so far, the one player who has made the most unexpected impression on me is Josh Harrellson. I watched him play in the summer and thought he could take a lot of pressure off Patrick Patterson and be another big guy who could bang, rebound and play defense. But the most important thing is his outside shot.

If we are going to play high-low sets like we did last year, you can't sag back inside and pack it in on Patterson with Harrellson in the game. He's too good a shooter for that.

You might be able to make a case that Harrellson is the second best outside shot on the team behind Jodie Meeks. I want to see Mike Porter look for his shot more because he has the potential to be a great outside shooter and I think freshman Darius Miller can come in and stick a shot from the outside.

But with Harrellson you have a 6-9 or 6-10 guy that is really going to stretch the floor. It is great when you perimeter guys can make shots, but when you have a forward or center that can step out and make shots from 3-point range that is only going to Patrick even more room to operate one-on-one on the inside and I know from experience just how valuable that outside shooter can be to a post guy.

I think Patterson and Harrellson will fit together well. And don't overlook Perry Stevenson. He compliments Patrick pretty well, too, but from a different perspective. He is a little more athletic than Harrellson. But when you look at it from a pure basketball standpoint, Harrellson's shooting is going to be a great combination with Patrick and then you have Perry Stevenson that will complete that rotation. We are very solid up front.

Another plus will be if Patrick is tired, in foul trouble or maybe even a little injured, Harrellson looks like he can go inside and post up and bang, too. He has a willingness to learn. A lot of guys can't come in here and play for Billy Gillispie. He's a tough-minded kid and he has the ability to do that. He wants to be here and he wants to play. I think he'll work his tail off and Billy Gillispie loves guys like that.

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