KENNY WALKER: No need to rush Liggins

DeAndre Liggins has great potential and great willingness to learn. He is a guy to keep your eye on. I think in a few weeks, he could easily work his way into the starting lineup. But the good thing for Liggins and Billy Gillispie is that there's no need to rush him into the starting lineup.

I think out of all the positions in basketball, point guard is easily the most important position on the court. You not only have to remember what you are supposed to do, which is a tough task in itself, but you have to know what everybody else is supposed to do. That's a hard thing to expect from a freshman and especially for a very demanding coach like Billy Gillispie.

But Billy knows what he has in Liggins and potentially in Kevin Galloway. It kind of reminds me of the Denny Crum guards at Louisville when they were so good and had 6-5 or 6-6 guys that were long and could run and jump. They are almost pro-like guards. They have great potential and they are going to be a handful on defense. If they can improve on the offensive end, they are going to make this Kentucky team tough to beat.

Liggins just has to learn to handle the constant pressure and criticism that comes along with that job. He is going to be under a microscope probably more than any other player this year. Mike Porter has been here and knows what to expect. Liggins is going to have on-job training.

I think Gillispie, just like he was on Joe Crawford last year, will be on him hard. There will probably be days he is frustrated and can't take it. As the year goes on, he will get better and better if he can handle what Gillispie is going to throw at him and I think Gillispie is going to throw everything but the kitchen sink -- and he might throw that in as well -- at him. But he did that with Joe and by the end of the year Joe loved the guy.

I think the schedule lets him work Liggins slowly into a very good year. This kid just has instincts and ability that you really like. But we all have to remember he's only a freshman and no matter how good he is, he's going to make mistakes while he's learning what to do.

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