VAUGHT: Miller feels no extra pressure

Former Mason County Darius Miller doesn't think there's any extra pressure on him at Kentucky because a few years ago the Wildcats failed to off another Mason star -- Chris Lofton -- a scholarship and he went on to have a terrific career at rival Tennessee.

"No sir, I don't see any pressure with that. I have talked to Chris and me and him have been good friends for a while. He has talked to me and told me not to let that influence me or whatever. There is not a lot of pressure with that," Miller said. "The people at home don't mention it that much. It has kind of died out because Chris was very successful where he was and they are proud of how well he did. Now they are proud of me."

Miller still talks to Lofton, but more than anything he remembers what he learned watching Lofton years ago.

"Chris was type of guy who led all the time. He just went out and played hard and worked hard. His work ethic was incredible. I just had to pick that up from just watching him. He was not a real verbal guy," Miller said. "I watched him all the time when I was young. It seemed like he was in the gym every day working on something to get better. That is what I am trying to do now so I can get there like he did."

Even if he wanted to forget the work ethic Lofton had, he couldn't because teammates Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks have similar work ethics now.

"I definitely think the coaching staff has put more of that (work ethic) into me, and my teammates have also because they have that same work ethic. Jodie and Pat have that work ethic and I am just trying to let that rub off on me, too, because they never stop working," Miller said.

What about the praise coach Billly Gillispie has been giving him?

"I try not to pay attention to that because if you let that get to you, then he will be right back on you to go even harder. Really, even if you are playing well, he still wants you to go that much harder. It really doesn't matter when he tells you that because he still expects more out of you," Miller said.

Miller has various skills and could help the Cats with his shooting, ballhandling, rebounding and defense. In fact, he looks capable of having a future triple-double even though he can't remember having one in high school.

"Hopefully I can have one here. I think that is possible. That is the kind of thing I would like to do. As you can see, we don't need a lot of scorers. We have Jodie and Pat and Josh. We have a lot of players that can score, so I really don't need to do that. I just need to do what Coach G. wants me to do whether it is defense, rebound or other little stuff and see what happens," Miller said.

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