Joey Couch goes one on one with Mossakowski

Although Texas quarterback Ryan Mossakowski has been sidelined by a injury to his shoulder, UK fans should be excited about the possibilities this very talented prospect brings to the Wildcats. He is an intelligent young man who is very focused on his goals in football and life. He has all the qualities that special players exhibit on and off the field.

This interview was conducted before he made his second trip to Lexington this weekend.

KSR: How was your trip to Lexington to watch the Cats beat Arkansas?

A: Wow. What a finish. It was sure a good one to be at and I was just excited about the way it ended. The team kind of started slow but what I liked was they didn't quit. They kept fighting and it was an amazing finish. We picked a good one to come and watch that's for sure.

KSR: Did you get a chance to go to the locker room? What was that like?

A: It was incredible. Just all the smiles and excitement was worth the trip alone. To win the game the way it happened was just a special thing to watch. The coaches are amazing and all the players are really cool. I was really proud of all of them.

KSR: I have to ask you as a former player myself, it hurts to see people leave early. We truly have some of best fans in the nation, but I know it hurts because I've seen it happen when I played. What was going through your head when you saw some fans leaving early?

A: It's just part of the game. It didn't have a negative effect on my view of Kentucky. The fans that stayed were great and as loud as anything I've heard. Some games I play there are thousands of people there and some very few are there. It's really about the players and that's what counts. Those guys are out there laying it on the line for each other and for the coaches. Their also playing for their university, and just to be honest, the crowds are just a bonus. You're putting on a show but it really comes down to playing for each and every player and coach on the team. It didn't have any negative effect on the way I view Kentucky fans. They were great.

KSR: In your words what are some of the most important traits a quarterback has to have to be successful? Is there a quarterback in college or pro that you like and why?

A: I think there's a lot of things that are important to being a great quarterback. I would have to say taking care of the football is definitely an important trait. Making good decisions and just being smart with your throws and having great ball security. Footwork is also a big factor. Having the correct footwork can help you get in and out of position to make throws. It's something that I work on constantly as it's a big factor in your play making abilities. As far a player that I admire it would have to be Peyton Manning. He's just so intense and is a picture of focus when it comes to quarterbacks. He's a student of the game and that's how I would describe myself.

KSR: If you could tell me one trait that you've gotten from your parents that has helped you be as successful as a football player and a person what would that be?

A: I would have to say my faith has been the most important thing that they have instilled in me. It's been a driving force in my life and I have to say just staying humble and faith are really important parts of my life. They've help me keep everything in perspective and have always encouraged me to do my best.

KSR: I see you're a great student with a 3.9 GPA. Have you thought about what you would like to major in or what you would like to do after your playing days?

A: I can't see me ever leaving football. I want to stay around the game that I love and would have to say coaching is something that I would like to do. My brother, who's 23, is a freshman coach at a local school and the stories he has about what he does are great. He feels he's making a difference in people lives and that's something that I would also like to do.

Editor's Note: Joey Couch is a former all-SEC defensive lineman from the University of Kentucky.

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