DEMAREE: Which bowl for the Cats?

The Wildcats are definitely going bowling in December for the third straight year. How strange does that sound for a Kentucky program that hadn't achieved such a feat since 1950-52. The question remains -- which bowl?

The first thing is the fans have to get out of their minds as an option that they are in position to say any bowl is eliminated \. The choices at this point line up to be the Liberty Bowl, The Music City Bowl, the Chick-fil-A Bowl, the Independence Bowl, and the newly organized Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama. At this point the least likely is the Chick-fil-A. There would have to be certain developments involving Vanderbilt University and a upset win for Kentucky over Tennessee on Phil Fulmer Day.

The bowl representative circuit is an interesting Merry-go-Round. To see the reaction and hear the things said is an interesting scene. For instance, the Cats were once an interesting proposition for the Outback Bowl until Randall Cobb threw the interception against the University of Georgia. That night prior to the game, we met two Outback Bowl officials up in the pressroom – one gentleman and a very attractive young lady. On the sideline in the closing minutes of the game and at the very moment of the intercption, I said, "well there goes the Outback Bowl and almost simultaneously behind me an expletive was emitted from the mouth of the pretty little lady. It was obvious disgust because of the desire to have the very attractive Wildcats in their bowl.

Just Saturday night at the Vandy game, a Liberty Bowl representative happen to standing next to me in the sideline and said to me – "Well here we are again," bowl representative Steve Ehrhart said. "This is the third straight year we have been with each other on the sidelines." Ehrhart has been courting me to say good things about his bowl for the two previous years.

In the summer of 2007, Ehrhart and I played in a golf scramble at the Bent Brook Golf Course in conjunction to the football SEC Media Days meetings in Birmingham, Alabama. He courted me for eighteen holes during the round. Shame on me, he had a much higher opinion of the Cats than I did. He said he realized he was talking himself out of a bowl participant, but he felt the Cats were going to win eight games. Participating in the same scramble was an Outback Bowl representative who liked the music Ehrhart was singing.

On another note, recently at a Monday morning press conference, the oft-injured Ricky Lumpkin expressed his strong displeasure of returning to the Music City Bowl. His displeasure was based on the fact he was from right down the road from Nashville, Tennessee and for his family's sake he didn't want to go back. It's all right to espouse that opinion in certain quarters but not publicly and with more maturity he will learn that later, he might have to put salt and pepper on those words.

Now which bowl is the most desirable for the Cats in terms of winning feasibility? The Liberty Bowl would be the least desirable because of the likelihood of playing a high scoring University of Houston team. Any other bowl match up is desirable.

Any fan that disdains any bowl, even at 6-6 has no desire to see this team continue on its upward mobility trend. The extra 30-days of practice is valuable to the team.

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