WALKER: Trip helps at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a hard time for a college athlete to be away from home. It can be worse than Christmas because you usually get to go home then.

Now if you are in Hawaii for Christmas like we were my senior year for Thanksgiving, then that is fine. That is a little more bearable.

I don't think I went home at Thanksgiving. That is hard because it is the first big holiday of the year that you are away. Coach Joe Hall always did a great job for us getting together, but you miss being home with your family.

Now the trip Kentucky is taking to Las Vegas this Thanksgiving is a good trip for the guys. Even though you know you are not going to be with your family, Las Vegas is an exciting place. I don't know how much the players will get to experience, but it is a great trip and hopefully the kids will win two games. Maybe some of them haven't been to Las Vegas before and this will be a great memory for them.

I know out of all the things I remember about Thanksgiving, I remember that time I was in Hawaii. It was a lot of fun, especially when we won the tournament. I think it will be the same for Kentucky in Las Vegas this weekend.

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