VAUGHT: Cats like new recruits

Now that Kentucky has signed Daniel Orton, Jon Hood and G.J. Vilarino, we can finally see what some of the current UK players think about the incoming recruiting class.

"I think they are great. Jon can bring a lot to our team. He is a good shooter. He plays hard all the time. He's scoring minded and you can always use a guy like that," junior guard Michael Porter said.

"Orton has a big body and he plays hard all the time. I know Orton is a big body and can rebound and play defense and score when we throw it to him inside. I can't remember that much about how he ran, but he's a big guy.

"I think G.J. is real quick. In pickup games you can't see a lot, but you can tell he is real quick."

Kentucky junior Jodie Meeks was impressed with Orton during his visit to Kentucky.

"He will help us a lot on the boards a lot next year. We just have to make sure we get him the ball like we do Patrick (Patterson) so he can help out our scoring also. I have not seen him a lot, but looks like he can really run, too," Meeks said.

What about Hood?

"He plays really hard. I think he's the kind of guy that will do anything to help the team, which is the kind of teammate you want. He is not a selfish guy at all," Meeks said.

The three recruits impressed both Porter and Meeks off the court as well.

"They are all nice guys off the court, too," Porter said. "They are all unselfish and good people off the court and really competitive on the court, which we need. You always want competitive guys. You don't want guys who are lazy. None of them are. I think they will bring a lot to our program."

So does Meeks.

"I liked them and they should help us next year. I haven't played with them that much, but from pickup games they all three impressed me," Meeks said. "They are great guys. Hanging out with them over the weekend at Midnight Madness was great. We were glad to welcome them to the family because they are the kind of guys on and off the court you want to be around."

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