Kenny Walker: Athletes need to watch internet

In today's world, college athletes can go on the Internet to read or even post so much information. I think they need to be very careful to take into consideration their image, their family and their school. Tons and tons of people read that stuff. Don't put something on there that you would not want your mother or father to read.

I am just surprised that so many athletes go there. Fans like to read that stuff, so you have to be careful. When I played, there was no Internet so you didn't have to worry about things like Facebook. Now this is one more thing that coaches have to worry about, but how much can they really control.

You want to give a kid his freedom to have fun to express himself and do things that most kids that age do. But you have to understand that you are a student-athlete and you are a student-athlete at the University of Kentucky. That's different from a lot of places and you have yourself, your family and your school to think about. You want to keep it fun, but keep it clean. Don't put things up there that will bring negative publicity to teammates or program.

There is also an age gap here. Culturally, it can be a gray area between what some folks think is offensive. This generation of kids is a whole lot different than from when I played. You have to take that into consideration. I have to think most kids in college are still maturing and they need to be careful. As a coach, about all you can do is tell a young man to take everything into consideration when he posts something on the Internet. Understand what you write and say will be read by so many people, so don't write something that will embarrass you or embarrass our school.

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