Where Are The Wildcats Looking?

The Kentucky Wildcats football program is looking for a strong finish to their recruiting class of 2009. What direction are the Wildcats looking to finish the class? We break it down as the days are numbered before National Signing Day.

Rich Brooks and his staff are working hard as they await a bowl game in the coming weeks.  But it’s not X’s & O’s the staff has their sights set on.  Its who will fill out the Class of 2009. 


While there have been several names thrown out the biggest question is what positions will fill the class?  We take a look at where the Wildcats will look.


JUCO / High School Wide Receiver


Will the Wildcats look towards the Junior College ranks or keep this class in the high schools?  The answer is Junior College with a catch.  If Rich Brooks can find a wide receiver with SEC speed he’ll look to sign him. 


Not just any receiver will do for this spot.  The player must have speed and lots of it.  Right now the Wildcats have some very good looking young receivers with great physical skills but they lack one with what the staff feels is SEC burst.  If a player like this isn’t found there is a chance the staff could look at the high school ranks.  If not this spot will not get filled in this class. I'm hearing there are a couple of Juco receivers getting hard looks.




This is another position of need as the Wildcats are on the lookout for a talented cover corner with speed.  This is a very important spot in the class and a talented player will need to be found.  The search for this position has been on for some time.


Defensive End / Tackle


Much like the wide receiver position the Wildcats are looking to find a quality player or two along the defensive line.  Depth is needed and if the right player comes along UK will pounce to fill the spot.  The first spot is defensive end, but if a very talented defensive tackle would come along they'll also take a very hard look.


Running Back


This is a position the staff would like to find a special player.  Not just any running back will do as if the player isn’t considered a “Difference Maker” UK will not take one.  So don't be surprised if this spot doesn't get filled.


Offensive Tackle


If a stud tackle comes along looking at the Wildcats or the staff feels they found one a full court press will be on to get the player signed on signing day.


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