Kelley wants Cats to earn back respect

For senior linebacker Braxton Kelley, Kentucky's spot in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl is not what he wanted but he's also thrilled to at least be going to another bowl game.

With a 6-6 record and three-game losing streak, Kelley knows the Wildcats are fortunate to be bowling once again. "Me personally, I would rather go to one of the better bowls but you have to accept what you earned. We earned the Liberty Bowl, so that is where we are at," Kelley said. "We really wanted the Chick-fil-A Bowl, the Outback Bowl or even a higher bowl. We should have earned our way there by winning games, and we failed to do that. So now we are at the Liberty Bowl and that is what it is. "UK has not been to three straight bowl games in a long time and it means a lot to me to be a part of that. For me coming in as a freshman, getting injured and going through a terrible season, it has made these last three years special to me. I look at this as another opportunity to go out there and play football for UK and try to get another victory and better myself and improve my performance here. I look forward to playing East Carolina a lot." He even thinks teammate Jeremy Jarmon's guarantee of a bowl win to the crowd at Rupp Arena Sunday could help inspire the Wildcats. "I like his confidence. I have confidence in my team. We all should," Kelley said. "I really applaud him for going out on a limb and saying that. It means a lot to me because he knows when I line up behind him, he knows I will do my job and he will do his. "If we can get everybody to do that, we will win. If we can do that and make plays all over the field, then we can win the game." But isn't it easier to talk about a win than it will be to beat East Carolina, which has wins over West Virginia and Virginia Tech? "We just have to go to work and focus on the things we have been messing up on lately whether it is catching, running, tackling or whatever. It all goes hand to hand. If you don't do the little things efficiently, then you don't win," Kelley said. "We just have to work on all those things at each position and every player has flaws. Everyone has something to get better at because no one is perfect. We have to improve daily in practice because this gives us one final chance to show we are a lot

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