WALKER: TV not a big deal in recruiting now

There is so much television exposure now that I don't think it really has the impact it did in recruiting 15 or 20 years ago when Kentucky, Indiana, UCLA and a few others were the elite schools that were on TV all the time. When you made your decision to go to school, at least with me, I wanted to come to Kentucky and get the exposure on TV.

Now there is more parity with everybody on TV and with satellite TV, everybody can see and watch the games. But Kentucky's tradition is still important and only things that Kentucky can put on the resume that most schools can't.

A bigger worry in recruiting might be the "what have you done for me lately" mentality. If kids have not seen you win a championship or make a deep run into the tournament, they are not going to know who you are. We have not done that in quite a few years here. You take that away and factor not in Final Four in 11 years, it makes a huge difference. Kids now see teams like Florida, Memphis and UCLA that have been regularly in the Final Four. They have taken that spot away from Kentucky.

The only way to get that back is to win and make that deep NCAA Tournament run every year. Kentucky needs to get back to a Final Four more than what it has.

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